Start your academic year by registering a course path with the Metropolitan City College London. As a relatively new college, we make sure that our students are at the topmost priority on the list of everything.

This also reflects in each module of our study materials which have been carefully designed to help our students develop and achieve required professional skills that are needed in future employment sectors.

When you have completed registration, you first course materials will be dispatched to you as soon as possible. Your package will include our core questions which you will need to complete and submit to us at the end of each study module as a way of continuous assessment to test your understanding of that module so we can see how you are progressing, before we the next one.

At the end of your studies when you have completed and passed all the modules, you may be required to sit an exam for which a certificate of Higher Diploma will be awarded at an awards/graduation ceremony. All successful students will be assigned a place at one of our partner universities within the United Kingdom subjects to securing legal documentation required by foreign students to study in the UK. The college will support such students who have paid up a first year fees with their application.

Please note the followings:

  • Students who complete their Higher diploma with Metropolitan City College will be assisted with enquiries to get into one of our partner universities through our guidance.
  • Help with finding your accommodation for your first enrolment year and settling in.
  • Help with understanding and getting used to cultural and student social life in the UK, with ongoing support about queries concerning your student life.

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